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Some Latin dance

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Some Latin dance dresses have a very different, distinct style that calls to mind a Spanish Flamenco dancer. These dresses are characterized by longer, heavier ruffles on both the skirt and around the shoulder on the ...

When choosing a tir

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When choosing a tire, you'll want to start by looking for tires that do well in braking, hydroplaning and handling tests. Tire Rack, an online tire retailer, tests all the tires it sells at its test track (and not all...

We celebrated early.

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We celebrated early. It was raining and it feels so good to wake up early and refreshed, especially for the New Year. Plus we have a task to do this year. EntertainmentAnother Round For On The Rocks At TheaterWorksIt ...

have some reservations

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We did something like $7,000 and I made $2,000 profit that day. I thought, "That's great. Here I am I'm making $2,000 in a day to come to a football game.". JUSTINE: I have some reservations about going to a B ball. I...

beyond the oil industry

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However, states like Texas have also worked to move beyond the oil industry to insulate themselves better from price shocks. "Experts and elected officials say an extended downturn in oil prices seems unlikely to crea...


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If you buy or sell on line, you should also be aware of cheque overpayment scams. In this type of scam, you are sent a cheque for something you have sold, but the cheque is made out for more than the agreed amount. Th...

Hello world

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Hello world

Even while choking

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Plus there is something nostalgic about screen one. At three pounds a ticket it's a cheap night out for students and working families on low incomes. For once it is great to feel you are getting value for money. Suppo...

Under the MFA

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The Forum on Sept. 24 will be presented by Ndaba Mandela, Donisha Rita Claire Prendergast and Jasmine Rand. You will be inspired by the grandson of Nelson Mandela, the granddaughter of Bob Marley, and the family attor...


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It is also interesting all of your destinations that you suggest are remote with very little tourist infrastructure. Perhaps we could see the return of a cheap round Australia ticket. 5 or 6 stops like the airlines us...


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Predicts that we will see oil prices bottom out and then gradually return to what he calls an equilibrium supply and demand price. He says that price might land somewhere near 75 U S dollars per barrel. (mw). You live...

Morford claims

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AMITY BOWL. Not just for bowling: loitering and carousing, too! The draw is the Stone Ten Lounge, which has grilled cheese sandwiches for $2.95 and glasses of Domino Cab for $3.75, cash only. There are burgers and wra...

The market fell

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I think there were more miscommunication problems on the offensive line than they admit. Those get fixed. Look at the flow of that game, especially early, the Chargers were on the verge of controlling it. The store wh...


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"The whole obesity epidemic is such a big problem and we need to change (it)," she said. With HEAC's help, the committee's "Healthy Selection" logos have been placed in eight supermarkets that are located near schools...

Have to play a two man game

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Have to play a two man game with our lefties for sure. You gotta swing the ball and cut. For me lately, it been rolling up top and getting that shot over the defender and for that to happen I need my other guy to roll...